Beat the Star

Beat-the-Star-logoBeat The Star pitted members of the public against a celebrity opponent, over seven rounds of extreme mental and physical games.

While the pride and reputation of the star were at stake, the brave challenger stood to win a massive cash prize if they could ‘beat the star’.

Each week, a sport, film or TV hero and their challenger stood up to the mark in seven mystery challenges. They only had seconds to prepare for each game, though Vernon was always on hand to explain the rules.

The games ranged from athletic, brain-boggling to simply out-of-this-world, ensuring that the contenders – and the audience at home – were always on their edge of their seats.

If the challenger crowned an overall winner, they walked home with an amazing sum of money. Could the stars keep their heads held high – or did the challengers leave them red faced?

Everything was to play for on Beat The Star.